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Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : General
System : Mac OS | Language : | Downloads : 6572

NiceHash Miner 2

NiceHash Miner 2

NiceHash - 70.59MB - comments

NiceHash Miner is a free app that allows you to earn bitcoins.

Update : 11-Jul-17 | Category : Vertical-Market-Apps
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 4912

Jurassic UniAndroid
JURASSIC UniAndroid Tool is an application that can be used to customize your phone. The application will allow you to perform some maintenance operations as well like read user code, pattern reset, factory reset, data wipe, build.prop editing, apk extracting, etc.
Update : 29-Nov-16 | Category : General
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 3317


ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY and VALIDATION program is used to calculate the revenue and tax returns for private and public-sector companies in Philippines. It is developed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Government of the Philippines. You can easily import and export data as DAT files using this program.

Update : 5-Jul-17 | Category : Finances
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 2330


The Offline eBIRForms Package is a tax preparation program that allows taxpayers and ATAs to accomplish or fill up tax forms offline. Instead of the conventional manual process of filling up tax returns on pre-printed forms that is highly susceptible to human error, taxpayers/ATAs can directly encode data, validate, edit, save, delete, view, print and submit their tax returns

Update : 14-Apr-17 | Category : Finances
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 2247

Dumpster Drive

Dumpster Drive 1

Justin Blinder - 1.3 MB - comments

Dumpster Drive is a file-sharing application that recycles digital files. Using dumpster diving as a model for recirculating unwanted objects, Dumpster Drive allows others to dig through files that you delete on your computer in a passive file-sharing network. Instead of simply erasing data from your computer, the software allows users to extend the lifecycle of their unwanted files and pass them on to others.

Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : General
System : Mac OS | Language : | Downloads : 2093



Zak Kemble - 914.73 kB - comments

AVRDUDESS is a GUI for AVRDUDE, a tool for programming Atmel microcontrollers.

Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : General
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 1801

PANalytical X’Pert HighScore Plus
HighScore with the Plus option is a complete full pattern powder analysis tool. It unites phase identification, crystallographic analysis, unlimited cluster analysis, profile fits and Rietveld/structure fits from the Plus option in one software package under one common user interface. XRDML, ASCII and binary scan file formats of all major suppliers are supported.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Science Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 1540

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro
ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro uses proxy servers for hiding your real IP address and location. It helps you browse online without sharing confidential data with websites. This application comes with an Anonymous Proxy Mode that uses hundreds of proxy servers around the globe in a proxy relay, increasing the security.
Update : 21-Jul-17 | Category : Security
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 1512

PhiCalculator is a free software application developed by Alireza Shafaei that will compute phi to the number of decimal places you specify, to 1 million and maybe more, and output the results to a text file. The program calculates the answer to a specified level user asks.
Update : 20-Jan-17 | Category : Home & Hobby
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 1375